Garden Designs in Clay Home

Garden Designs in Clay Home

Clay Artist

I work from my small home studio in Gulfport, FL. This allows me to be available to my family, friends, and keeps my costs low. I like my art to be affordable so that everyone can make a connection.

I work (mostly) with a white earthenware clay. Everything is made by hand, and always by me. Sometimes there are fingerprints, or slight imperfections. I have the "belief" that when something is make by hand, it should not be perfect. That touch, by the artist, is a point of grace.

All pieces are fired once, then hand painted and fired again. My signs are hung with wire or whatever I feel looks the best .I call them garden signs because it all started out in the garden. However, my signs look great inside too!

Please enjoy the laughter my art can add to your life. I hope you find one that makes a connection with you, or with someone you love!

Kind regards,

My family and I enjoy the touch of whimsy they add to our backyard. It's fun to hear friends chuckle as they walk through my garden reading things like "Pick the weeds" or "No Fishing!" next to the Koi pond. The sayings are endless.

I really enjoy making my signs. My hope is that you, or someone you love, will enjoy them too.

Kind regards,
Joanna Pheil

Garden Designs in Clay Home

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